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Knowledge is power! When you choose to take a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis class, you’re choosing the best in childbirth education, along with the best medical hypnosis techniques available…creating a powerful combination so that you can approach your baby’s birth with the knowledge and skills to have a wonderful birth experience!Learn more
People say having a doula is like having your own personal trainer or tour guide for the birth process. Doulas offer invaluable support to parents as they move through pregnancy and birth and welcome their new bundle of joy…who doesn’t need a doula?!Learn more...
Trying to find the local resources for pregnancy and childbirth in Las Vegas? You’re at the right place! I’ve compiled a fantastic list of local resources so that you can explore everything available to you as you plan your baby’s birth.Learn more


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Hayden’s Birth Story

The birth story of Hayden, written by Hypno-mom Aubrey!  (And can I mention how […]

What Client’s Say

“There’s no way I would have made it through a natural childbirth without Hypnobabies…or if I had, it wouldn’t be something I would consider doing again!”
Teresa, Hypno-mom
“I kept waiting for it to get harder because everyone said it would, but I just followed my body and it really was easy!”
Aubrey, Hypno-mom
“Whenever my husband felt uncomfortable, Megan would step right in and help with the process. She was re-assuring and always had our best interest in mind. She was able to coach my husband in the steps we had both learned during our classes and made him feel comfortable about his role in the birthing process.”
Gretchen, Doula Client